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Dump Pits

Photo of a Lowry Dump Pit

Drive Over Dump Pits are the way to get you back to the field – save time, labor and equipment costs. The conveyor system and/or dump hopper you choose will be a major asset in handling future production possibilities. Briney Brothers can design and build the dump pit that suits your operation.

The Dump Pits system by Lowry Manufacturing is an efficient way to get your crops into storage – One of Lowry's systems is able to receive 1000 bushel of corn from a hopper bottom semi in about 2 minutes. You choose the capacity that is right for your operation now and for your future production growth. Call or email Briney Brothers if you have question about how a dump pit could make your job more efficient.

Other options to efficient unloading is the Sukup Drive-Over Hopper for permanent installation, or the Sukup Moveable Model S7000.

Photo of Conveyor System Photo of Sukup Movable Model S7000

There are multiple options for your operation and Briney Brothers will be happy to help you find the right solution.

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